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Definition of «Wamble»

Wamble: Both a verb and noun meaning: 1. To move unsteadily; an unsteady motion. 2. To feel nauseated; a feeling of nausea. 3. (Of a stomach) To rumble or growl.

From the Middle English wamelen (to feel nausea), from the Indo-European root wem- (to vomit), the source of the words such as vomit and emetic.

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  • Wamble - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

    Definition of WAMBLE. intransitive verb. 1. a: to feel nausea b of a stomach: rumble 1 . 2: to move unsteadily or with a weaving or rolling motion . Origin of WAMBLE

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  • wamble: Definition from Answers.com

    intr.v. , -bled , -bling , -bles . To move in a weaving, wobbling, or rolling manner. To turn or roll. Used of the stomach. n. A wobble or roll. An upset stomach ...

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  • Wamble | Define Wamble at Dictionary.com

    verb (used without object) 1. to move unsteadily. 2. to feel nausea. 3. (of the stomach) to rumble; growl. noun 4. an unsteady or rolling movement. 5. a feeling of ...