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Definition of «Vessel»

Vessel: A tube in the body that carries fluids: blood vessels or lymph vessels.

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  • Vesse l

    noun 1. a craft for traveling on water, now usually one larger than an ordinary rowboat; a ship or boat. 2. an airship. 3. a hollow or concave utensil, as a cup, bowl ...

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    08/13: LifeSF & Lara Brasil present DJ SHIFT Combining the vibrancy of Las Vegas with the supreme amenities of Vessel and high energy of San Francisco’s finest.

  • Vessel - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

    Definition of VESSEL. 1. a: a container (as a cask, bottle, kettle, cup, or bowl) for holding something b: a person into whom some quality (as grace) is infused <a ...

  • vessel - definition of vessel by the Free Online Dictionary ...

    ves·sel (v s l) n. 1. A hollow utensil, such as a cup, vase, or pitcher, used as a container, especially for liquids. 2. a. Nautical A craft, especially one larger ...

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