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Definition of «Roofies»

Roofies: Street term for Rohypnol.

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  • Urban Dictionary: roofies

    1. roofies 1) Rohyphenol 2) Common term for a drug used to render victims unconscious or incapacitated; typically used by males from college fraternities to rape female(or ...

  • Roofies - James Madison University - web.jmu.edu

    Roofies and Other Date Rape Drugs. Rohypnol: What Is It? Rohypnol (the brand name of Flunitrazepam) is a Benzodiazapine like the tranquilizer Valium.

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    SOACOR members remain silent annually from December 29 - January 13 in recognition of the forced silence purpetrated upon Innocent drink-spiked victims due because ...

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    Rohypnol (roofies), the "date rape drug", is a tremendous hazard for women and is of particular danger to women travelers in unfamiliar surroundings. Usually dropped in ...

  • Roofies | Define Roofies at Dictionary.com

    noun Slang . a dose of the sedative flunitrazepam, especially in tablet form. Origin: 1990–95; allegedly from its use by roofers :10 :09 :08 :07 :06 :05 :04 :03 :02 ...