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Definition of «Spastic pseudoparalysis»

Spastic pseudoparalysisSpastic pseudoparalysisSpastic pseudoparalysisSpastic pseudoparalysis

Spastic pseudoparalysis: Better known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). A dementing disease of the brain.

CJD is believed to be due to a highly unconventional transmissible agent named a prion. It is not a bacteria, not a virus, in fact not like any other known type of infectious agent.

Symptoms of CJD include forgetfulness, nervousness, jerky trembling hand movements, unsteady gait, muscle spasms, chronic dementia, balance disorder, and loss of facial expression.

CJD is classified as a spongiform encephalopathy. Most cases occur randomly (sporadically), but inherited forms exist.

There is neither cure nor treatment available for CJD. Other names for CJD include Creutzfeldt-Jakob syndrome and Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease.

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