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Definition of «Intubate»


Intubate: To put a tube into a hollow organ or passageway, often into the airway. The opposite of intubate is extubate.

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    HOW TO INTUBATE Watch airway anatomy videoWatch intubation procedure video (Quicktime required) Prior to intubation, always check equipment and make sure everything you ...

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    verb (used with object), -bat·ed, -bat·ing. Medicine/Medical . 1. to insert a tube into (the larynx or the like). 2. to treat by inserting a tube, as into the ...

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    Definition of INTUBATION: the introduction of a tube into a hollow organ (as the trachea) — in·tu·bate \ ˈ in-(ˌ)tü-ˌ bāt, -(ˌ)tyü-, -tə-\ transitive verb

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    The main indication for intubation is airway protection / control of airway: when in doubt intubate! Such circumstances may be: 1. Loss of gag ...

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    To insert a tube into. The doctor is about to intubate the patient's trachea. 1886, July 6th, J. K. White, “HINTS IN PRACTICE”, Canadian Practitioner ...