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Definition of «Injury, mower»

Injury, mower: See: Mower injury.

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  • Lawnmower Safety

    Lawn mower-related injuries are among the most horrific injuries seen at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. They are devastating to families, and ...

  • Lawn Mower Injuries Are on the Rise

    Lawn-mowing safety precautions are essential to help reduce the thousands of injuries received every year by children and adolescents, five national medical ...

  • Lawnmower Accidents Cause Thousands of Foot Injuries

    Care is required when operating rotary-blade lawnmowers. Foot injuries ranging from lacerations to severed tendons and amputated toes can result.

  • LAWNMOWER INJURIES can be devastating to the hand or any ...

    LAWNMOWER INJURIES of the HAND These INJURIES can be devastating to the hand ...or any part of the body that is involved. 22% of injuries involve the hand, fingers or ...

  • Lawn Mower Injuries Common in Kids

    Aug. 8, 2006 -- More than 9,000 children and teenagers are injured by lawn mowers each year in the U.S., according to a new study. Researchers say an ...