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Definition of «Heredity»


Heredity: Genetic transmission from parent to child.

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    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary ( hə-rĕd ' ĭ-tē ) n. , pl. , -ties . The genetic transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring. The sum of ...

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    An official journal of the Genetics Society, Heredity publishes high-quality articles describing original research and theoretical insights in all areas of genetics.

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    heredity (genetics), the sum of all biological processes by which particular characteristics are transmitted from parents to their offspring. The concept of heredity ...

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    HEREDITY CONCEPT. Heredity is the transmission of genetic characteristics from ancestor to descendant through the genes. As a subject, it is tied closely to genetics, the ...

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    Heredity "The elementary particles which form the embryo are each drawn from the corresponding structure in the parent ...