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Definition of «Ethmoid sinus»

Ethmoid sinus: A collection of air cells within the ethmoid bone, a spongy bone which makes up the front of the floor of the skull and the roof of the nose. From the Greek ethmos, sieve + eidos, resemblance = like a sieve.

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    What are Ethmoid Sinuses? ... The pain between and around the eyes that accompanies ethmoid sinusitis can be especially difficult to bear for those who wear prescription ...

  • Ethmoid sinus: Definition from Answers.com

    n. Any of the evaginations of the mucous membrane of the middle and superior meatus of the nasal cavity, subdivided into anterior, middle, and posterior sinuses.

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    A sinus infection occurs when the nasal passages and the sinuses become inflamed when bacteria or viruses enter. An ethmoid sinus infection occurs between the eyes ...

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    Although endoscopes were first used by Hirschmann, in 1903,the development of the rigid endoscope by H H Hopkins and its use in maxillary sinus surgery ...

  • Ethmoid sinus - Orlhns

    Embryology. At birth Ethmoid sinus consists of anterior and posterior division Fluid filled difficult on radiology Size at birth: 8-12mm AP/1-5mm high/1-3 mm wide