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Definition of «Dermatitis»


Dermatitis: Inflammation of the skin, either due to direct contact with an irritating substance, or to an allergic reaction. Symptoms of dermatitis include redness, itching, and in some cases blistering.

There are two types of dermatitis: eczematous (eczema) and noneczematous (also called occupational). Eczema can be particularly severe and difficult to treat once it is established. It can be caused by direct contact, or it may emerge when an allergen is breathed in, injected, or ingested. Noneczematous dermatitis is usually due to direct contact with an irritant. Frequent offenders include detergents, especially those with perfumes; chemicals used in photo development; and some types of solvents. Treatment is two-fold. People who suffer from dermatitis must identify and avoid substances that cause attacks. During attacks they may use topical treatments, such as steroid creams.

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