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Drugs and diseases reference index

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The drug guide on Drugline.org is created especially to give each person an opportunity to read the drug instruction manual to the medicine prescribed by the doctor before buying it.

It so happens that often the physician monitors a patient`s health only superficially, which can result in prescribing some drugs contraindicated on account of allergy and other conditions. Sometimes there just isn`t enough time during an appointment for a patient to understand how this or that drug works and what the best way to treat his or her condition is.

If you want to get more information about some of the ingredients in pills, powders, mixtures, tablets, and ointments; learn about side effects; find the most effective remedies; double check some contraindications and take more control over your course of treatment, visit our pages for comprehensive data on different medications.

Our guide offers you a unique chance to search our database for various drug descriptions, including even the descriptions of novel and rare medicines. For a quick search you can use the alphabetical index or our search tool.

Dear visitors! Be healthy and remember to use caution when purchasing and using drugs.